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Fairfield Bay Indian Rock Cave and Trail

337 Snead Dr.
Fairfield Bay, AR 72088
Phone:(501) 884-4899
Website:Fairfield Bay Indian Rock Cave and Trail Website

General Information & Things To Do

There is an old log cabin, located near the parking lot, which belonged to one of the original settlers of the area. The log cabin was relocated from its original location. There is also a totem pole carved by local wood carvers. Near the trail head there is a small museum that showcases local history. The museum is run by volunteers, so there are no set hours. However, if you would like to view the museum, there should be brochures available outside with the name and phone number of a volunteer that could come and let you in.
The path leading down to the caves is relatively easy, although there are a number of stairs. At the bottom of the bluff there are two caves. The larger cave is immediately visible. The second cave is located to the right of the large cave and is much smaller. The small cave is dark inside, so a flashlight or headlamp is recommended. While there are Indian petroglyphs in both caves, they are easier to see in the larger cave. The trail continues past the caves, up the bluff again and makes a loop to the starting point.
The Indian Falls Trail is just a short 10 minute drive from the caves. It is a nice hike, just under a mile long that has some great views of the bluffs. The trail loops around two small waterfalls before returning on the same path back to the parking area. Since the falls are small, there will be more water flowing over them if it has rained recently. The terrain is uneven and some of the rocks can be slippery.
About a 50 minute drive from the Indian Falls trail is the Greers Ferry Dam and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers William Carl Garner Visitor Center. The dam impounded the Little Red River, creating Greers Ferry Lake. The dam is also used for a hydroelectric power plant. There are a number of hiking trails that start near the visitor center.


There is plenty of free parking available near the trailhead, by the golf course clubhouse, restaurant and museum.
For the Indian Falls Trail, there is a pull-off near the trailhead on West Cliff Spur, which can be found at the intersection of West Cliff Drive and Lynn Creek Drive.

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